Introducing Creative Fridays

When was the last time you just played, and let your creativity take over (in whichever shape that might take for you) without thinking of the results or whether or not it was going to pay the bills? The answer from my side, would embarrassingly have to be, a very, very long time. About a week after I completed my 7 Day Fall Detox, I had an inspiring insight. I realised that I could give myself permission to take a creative day once a week. Whether I would spend the day painting, drawing, taking pictures, going to museums or art galleries didn’t matter – as long as it was a guilt-free day where I could let go of responsibilities and let creativity rush in. It was so simple, but also such a profoundly liberating moment for me.

That made me think again about how easily we place ourselves in boxes or live according to whichever image we’re trying to project to the outside world. We can very rarely place the blame on how we choose to live our lives on anybody else. It really is up to us. Once we acknowledge that, it can seem terrifying, but paradoxically, it is also an exhilirating and freeing place from which to live. That is also where we encounter the juiciness of life, which brings us right back to creativity. The one nurtures the other.

In terms of your yoga practice, how can you shake up your routine a bit and bring some playfulness into it? Why not create your own short 15 – 20 minute practice by combining between 3 – 5 of your favourite postures. Find creative, fun new ways to transition from the one pose into the next, allowing yourself to just tune into your body and move instinctively from your centre. Most importantly, give yourself permission to let go of the results and just enjoy the juicy, creative journey on which you’re embarking.