So what is ‘ujuyoga’ anyway?

The name ‘ujuyoga’ comes from the isiZulu word, ‘uju’ [ˈuːʤu], meaning ‘honey’. South Africa is a country which has a wonderfully diverse mix of cultures and the amaZulu people is one of the native tribes that have traditionally lived in the country.

I feel that this theme of diversity is a very appropriate analogy for one’s yoga practice, which really is so much more than just the physical asanas. Yoga touches every aspect of our lives in the way in which we interact with other sentient beings on the planet, how we react to whatever situations come across our path and the way in which we relate to ourselves. For me, uju is the reward we reap from our practice, coming from the very appreciation and joy there is in being alive. And ultimately being at peace with where we are right now, right here in this very moment, both in our yoga practice and our lives.