So what’s so great about yoga?

I got into yoga for the same reason that many people are first drawn to the practice. I had been living with this dull, chronic pain in my upper back for years and I simply had to try something, anything to find some relief from it. Although I had known about yoga, and had always been curious about trying it out, it wasn’t until my physiotherapist urged me to try it in earnest, that I finally did. And this is how I ended up in a little Iyengar yoga studio in Cape Town. At this point, I would like you to imagine that the sky opened up and I heard divinely beautiful music and I had a big ‘Aha-moment’, because of course that’s exactly how it went down. Yes, because for the first time in years, there was an immense feeling of relief and openness and freedom in my body. And then incredibly, the same thing also started happening first to my mind and then to my spirit. So after almost 13 years of practice, I have finally figured out that this is the ‘hook’, or the ‘addiction’ of a yoga practice. That for many of us, we know that we have this practice available to us where we can return to that place where we are free from suffering, on a physical and mental level. And where we can connect with our true nature, which if we were to be honest, is a totally divine, joyous and cool place to be hanging out on any given day.

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